First Scotland East’s Bannockburn Depot is getting a reputation across FirstGroup’s UK operations as the home of Superstar Bus Drivers.

Two Drivers from the Bannockburn Depot have won First Scotland East’s monthly ‘Superstar’ awards recently after coming to the rescue of lorry driver that had overturned and in the case of Driver, Gordon MacVicar, potentially saving the life of an elderly customer.

Gordon (50, from Bonnybridge), was driving Service 59 between Stirling and Calendar in May. He was made aware that one of his customers had taken unwell. Gordon, who has been a driver for First for four years after enjoying a successful 24 year career in the military, safely parked the bus and attended to the gentleman.

He found that his customer was without a pulse. He asked one of his passengers to call for an ambulance while Gordon set about clearing the gentleman’s airways and loosening his clothing. As he was about to perform CPR the gentleman came round. The situation remained critical and shortly after the passenger fell unconscious again. Recognising this time there remained a pulse, Gordon took control of the situation, opened the door of the vehicle for fresh air and kept talking to the gentleman concerned, whilst reassuring his wife, who was understandably very upset.

An ambulance arrived within 15 minutes. Ambulance staff praised Gordon’s actions. It later transpired that the gentleman has suffered a serious angina attack. The customer wrote to First Scotland East to thank Gordon –he said his actions were “outstanding” and but for his help there could have been “serious implications” for his health.

Gordon, well known in the Falkirk area for his fundraising work for Help for Heroes, said: “I’m relieved that the gentleman is now in better health. We get good training at First Scotland East and coupled with my military background instincts just took over. It’s great that the company has given me a Superstar Award – I’m just pleased that I was able to help.”

Meanwhile 53 year old First Scotland East Driver, Robert Sherman, also collected a Superstar Award after he came to the assistance of an overturned lorry outside First Scotland East’s Bannockburn Depot in May.

The 40 tonne lorry had overturned while trying to negotiate a roundabout. Robert saw the incident and rushed over to the scene. The Driver of the lorry was trapped inside his cab, had suffered a severe laceration to his head and was in shock.

Robert, who is a former Civil Engineer and has been driving buses for First Scotland East for just over a year, managed to safely remove the lorry driver from his cab, called the emergency services and whilst waiting applied a bandage to what was a very nasty wound to the head.

Robert said: “Fortunately the driver of the lorry was not seriously injured although when I first saw the cut on his head I was genuinely worried about his well being – there was an awful lot of blood.

“I’m delighted to receive the Superstar Award, but I did what anyone would have done.”

Operations Director at First Scotland East, John Gorman, praised both his drivers: “Both John and Robert are valued members of our team and have reputations for good customer service. I’m very proud of their actions and they thoroughly deserve to be named as First Scotland East Superstars.”

He added: “We actively encourage our customers and colleagues to nominate our drivers for Superstar awards – those that have shown outstanding customer service and gone beyond the call of duty.”